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Sober Living in Rhode Island

Sober living environments are communities that are based on the common goals of recovery and sobriety. Many times those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction will not be ready to get back to the autonomy that the real world requires after inpatient treatment. Sober living in Rhode Island can offer a safe, transitional home where an individual can work towards gaining more responsibilities one step at a time, before fully transitioning into the world as a positive, proactive individual.

The Benefits of Sober Living Communities

There are various benefits that a person can gain from living in a sober living community after inpatient treatment in Rhode Island. Sober living environments are a great place to receive all of the services that those in rehabilitation will need to be offered. Therapists, medical professionals, and others who are involved in long term treatment plans, can work with more than one individual at a time, and can bring services to individuals in their home.

Aside from rehabilitative support offered within sober living in Rhode Island, practical goals and education can be a part of one’s transition as well. Skill building, job placement, and help in finding one’s next home, can all begin within a sober living community and further ensure the long term success of those in rehabilitation. Having a safe space and a transitional time to work on new skills for one’s life in sobriety, can help with confidence building and help make lasting changes.

Good Candidates for Sober Living Communities

Sometimes, those who struggled with addiction for a long period of time, do not necessarily have a home to go back to after treatment. If individuals have damaged relationships, lost jobs, or even homes, the transitional environment of a sober living community might be the key to one’s success. Finding a new community in Rhode Island and a safe home to further recovery can help an individual feel loved, needed, and also give support to others in need who might be going through similar situations.

Individuals that need additional support and community resources, can thrive within a sober living environment. Having others with shared experiences all in the same place, can help recovering addicts to not feel alone, and can actually feel like a productive member of their new community. Sober communities are built on trust and mutual respect, and everyone within a shared sober home will be expected to take pride in their communities and protect it.

Long-Term Treatment Goals

Once an individual completes an inpatient substance abuse program, they might physically feel cured, but there will still be work to do for an individual to stay on the right path. Sometimes, going back into one’s old life can cause the individual to fall back into old habits. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reports that 40 to 60% of all addicts in recovery will relapse at some point. If an individual is faced with cravings or triggers too early on in their aftercare, this can cause relapse to potentially occur.

The education and treatment that is continued in a sober living community, can help a recovering addict realize that support systems that are started today can continue throughout one’s life. Having a support network initiated in a sober living community, can get an individual out into the world with a community that will be a positive reinforcement, and with individuals that share the same goals. Once an addict leaves sober living in Rhode island, these established ties can continue and help with long term sobriety. This can ensure that recovering addicts in Rhode Island keep their sobriety a priority and will hopefully avoid relapse in the long run. If you need access to a Sober Living Environment, reach out to a dedicated rehabilitation facility in Rhode Island today for more information on the available options.