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Alternative Treatment in Rhode Island

Rehabilitation centers are not all the same. There are facilities that offer alternative treatment in Rhode Island that can appeal to a variety of different individuals. Not everyone has the same personality or motivations in life. What works for one person, does not always work for another. While every alcoholic will follow the same basic components in rehab programs, such as group, individual, and family therapy, there are other ways that an individual can use alternative treatment programs to change and enhance their lives, even as they recover from alcohol abuse.

Alternative Therapy Programs Address Different Needs

Some people may have become alcoholics due to environmental stresses in their lives that they could not handle. Instead of learning ways to relax, they turned to alcohol as a way to self-medicate their anxious lives. For these individuals, alternative treatment in Rhode Island that will teach them how to tune into their body consciousness and relax is beneficial. Others may need something to distract them from worries or depression, and art or equine therapies can help. Anything that pulls a person back into their body more and helps them enjoy their lives, is beneficial. Here is a breakdown of some of the types of alternative treatment in Rhode Island that are available:

Art Therapy – People with emotional problems may find relief through art therapy. This works well for creative individuals who can find a way to relax and express themselves through art. It can also be a way for introspective individuals to get out more and connect with others through their art.

Music Therapy – Music can be very soothing, and can have miraculous healing effects on alcoholics, especially for the musically-inclined. It is not just a hobby or a distraction, but it can also help alcoholic calm tattered nerves without resorting to drinking.

Restorative Yoga – Exercise is an effective way to regain health after a period of alcoholism. Yoga is particularly helpful for calming the mind and building strength simultaneously. Through this, the alcoholic can give their body time to heal while they train their mind to be peaceful.

Equine Therapy – Being around animals is also healing. Riding horses and learning how to take care of them, provides an alcoholic with a sense of responsibility. This can also create more discipline, and the ability to care for others.

Biofeedback – An alcoholic may be way out of touch with their body and how it feels. Biofeedback can help train them to be more aware of bodily triggers. This can be help allow recovering addicts to recognize relapses as they are happening. It can also teach them how to slow down a rapid heartbeat and relax on command.

Acupuncture – This ancient Chinese medical procedure involves sticking pins in major meridian channels to help stimulate the flow of “chi” throughout the body. It is said to heal energy blockages in the body that might be creating poor health in different areas. It is a way to restore health by treating energy imbalances.

Chiropractic Care – An alcoholic may have vestigial pain and stiffness associated with their condition. A chiropractor also has strategies that are said to affect the limbic system and release the good-feeling neurotransmitters that help patients deal with cravings. Chiropractic care is also helpful for managing depression, a common withdrawal symptom for recovering alcoholics.


Principles of Effective Treatment 

Effective alcoholism treatment in Rhode Island can cover the entire range of needs for an individual, from the physical body to the mental and emotional selves as well. Alternative treatment in Rhode Island can focus on one area versus another, and strengthen the part of the individual that is weak and might have contributed to the disease. In addition, it gives the alcoholic additional tools to help them during their recovery.

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